How Does a Locksmith Get Into a Car?

how does a locksmith get into a car

When you lock yourself out of your car, you probably wonder how a locksmith gets into a car. Well, there are several things you can try to get into your car yourself, including using a coat hanger, a broken key extractor, a wedge, or a slim jim. But if you're not too handy, a locksmith will use specialized tools to open your car.

Using a coat hanger

This classic method can be used to open a door that is locked manually. This method works best on older cars with manual locks. To use the hanger, simply use a thin wire coat hanger and pliers to fish a hook down to the door lock post and pull up. This method can even work on power locks. To do this, you must first remove the door lock from the vehicle.

Unlike the old days when a coat hanger could be used to open the door, most cars today use push button locks that are unable to be opened using a coat hanger. This is unfortunate because the strategy used to work in many cars. Many people grew up seeing their parents open locked doors with a coat hanger. Today, the technique is no longer widely used, and is no longer effective.

Using a broken key extractor

Using a broken key extractor to open a car is a great way to get inside a vehicle and avoid having to call a locksmith. This tool has three main functions: to catch a broken key piece, extract it, and lubricate the key cylinder. The broken key piece can then be used as a guiding piece to get inside the car.

If you can't find a broken key extractor, you can use a jigsaw blade. A jigsaw blade is a thin metal rod that fits into the keyhole and grabs the broken piece. It can take several attempts, but if you have a few on hand, this might work for you. However, you should avoid getting the key stuck inside the lock because the superglue may damage the lock's interior.

The first step is to turn off the engine and turn on the emergency brake before inserting the broken key extractor tool into the lock cylinder. Once you have reached this point, the hook should catch the bitting of the broken key. The next step is to turn the broken key extractor tool in the direction of the broken key. It may take a few tries, so make sure you do this carefully.

Using a slim jim

Using a slim jim to open a car door is not a good idea. These devices can damage modern car electronics, and they can also set off side impact air bags, which could cause the door to explode back at you. A magnetic hide a key can prevent this from happening. These devices can also cause damage to weather stripping, door mechanism rods, and even window glass.

To use a Slim Jim to open a car door, start by removing the weatherstrip that runs between the window and the car door. Using a wedge is similar to using a door wedge, but it should be made of rubber rather than wood. Wooden wedges are dangerous because they can leave splinters behind. Start with the notched end of the wedge, and slide it into the door with the hook toward the lock. The keyhole is usually found in the back of the door.

Using a wedge

There are several ways to get into a car using a wedge. These tools are available in the market and are similar to rubber door stops. You can also make your own wedge using a wooden plank and cutting it into a wedge shape. However, wood may scratch the car's paint. A professional wedge will be made of air, which will provide a softer surface. The following are the steps to use a wedge:

First, you should find a piece of wedge that fits the door. A construction shim or felling wedge would do. The longer the wedge, the better. You can buy one that is made from plastic, wood, or nylon. Once you have your wedge, you should place it near the top of the door, a few inches in front or below the upper corner. Ideally, you will need two wedges.