How Does a Locksmith Open a Door?

how does a locksmith open a door

So, how does a locksmith open a door? Well, there are four main ways to get into a lock. These methods are Non-destructive entry, Lock-picking, Drilling, and MCOT. Let's examine each method in more detail. You can use whichever method is most appropriate to your situation. Here are some helpful tips for unlocking your door:

Non-destructive entry

Locksmiths who use non-destructive entry techniques are highly trained in opening doors. When opening a door, they will often try multiple techniques before finding the one that will work best. By attempting non-destructive entry, a locksmith will save you money on labor and expensive parts. These locksmiths will leave your door looking good. They may also be able to open your door without damaging it, so non-destructive entry is the best option for a number of situations.

When someone is locked out of their home, they usually call an emergency locksmith to gain access. However, calling a locksmith on the spot is a bad idea. Not all locksmiths have the proper training or expertise to open a door properly. Not only can a locksmith damage your door and lock, but he can also damage the lock on purpose. Therefore, it is best to hire a locksmith that has a good reputation for non-destructive entry.


Locks come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. It is helpful to examine representative locks to understand how a locksmith opens a door. Most locks follow similar concepts. The most common type of lock is the deadbolt, which has a movable bolt that extends into a notch on the frame when locked. When unlocked, the bolt retracts.

Lock-picking is a practice that takes time and experience to master. While many locks are advertised as being "pick-proof," there are numerous cases of people unlocking doors using the technique. Advanced ASSA locks, for example, are incredibly difficult to pick, but a lockpicker can easily break one. In general, the process of picking a lock may take anywhere from ten seconds to ten minutes depending on the lock's security level.


If you have lost your keys and need to get inside your house, you may want to know how drilling opens a door by a locksmith. Drilling is a destructive process and should only be used as a last resort. You should be able to trust the locksmith to do this procedure properly and follow all safety precautions. You should also ensure that you are not home when the locksmith is drilling the lock.

Firstly, you should never try to drill the lock yourself, as this may result in damage to the lock cylinder. If the drill bit is too small, you may end up damaging the lock cylinder. If you are using a flat-head screwdriver, you can gain entry to the door with ease. You should turn the screwdriver in the same direction as the key. If you use a larger drill bit, you may also destroy the lock.


MCOT stands for mechanical combination opening tool, which is a device used by a locksmith to open a door without damaging the lock. MCOT involves the use of tools such as an electric pick gun, mortice lock decoders, letterbox tools, and other methods. Locksmiths rely on their knowledge and skills to manipulate locks to open a door without damaging them. Hence, if you are stuck in an emergency situation and are looking for a locksmith, United Locksmith can help you in your time of need.

MCOT is the skillfully performed method of opening a door. A locksmith needs to first determine the type of lock, then use special tools to raise the teeth and unlock the bolt. After that, the locksmith will advise you on how to prevent future lock issues. MCOT is the most common method used by locksmiths. A locksmith is also well-equipped to fix a wide variety of types of locks.

Using a credit card

There is a secret trick to using a credit card to open a door. Using the card's edge, slide it into the crack between the door frame. Be sure to slide the card at an angle of about 90 degrees from the door. Then, lean against the door and try to push it back into the door. If you can't make it work, try another method.

First, you should know that using a credit card to open a door is not nearly as easy as the movies make it seem. The credit card will get a lot of wiggling and bending, and you should probably leave it to your bills. Another option is to cut a strip of plastic from a plastic soda bottle and slide it into the door. Then, slide it under the lock, and voila! The door will open.