How Does a Locksmith Rekey a Lock?

how does a locksmith rekey a lock

If you have ever wondered how a locksmith rekeys a lock, you're not alone. Rekeying a lock is a common procedure that involves completely disassembling the lock and replacing the pins and tumblers with new ones. This method will preserve the old lock, but you'll need a new key to open it. A professional locksmith can perform the procedure for you, saving you money and hassle.

Rekeying locks is an effective way to improve the security of a building, and can be a quick and inexpensive solution to a variety of problems. Whenever a new homeowner moves in, he or she may want to be sure that only they have the key to the house. And landlords often rekey locks when new tenants move in. In such cases, rekeying is an excellent solution.

Rekeying a lock is essential for business owners, since lost keys can make your business vulnerable. It can also be necessary if someone has a duplicate of your keys and you'd like to protect your property and your employees. However, it can also be a great idea to have a locksmith rekey your lock if you've lost keys or know someone else who has them.

Having a locksmith rekey your lock is not difficult. The process doesn't require a large amount of manpower, and most locks are easily picked by a skilled locksmith. Rekeying your lock will save you money over a new lockset because you'll only be paying for labor. And because key pins are cheap, rekeying is a cost-effective way to change your locks. The only cost you'll incur is the labor and time your locksmith spends.

Before you begin rekeying your lock, make sure you have all the tools you need. You'll need a set of tools, such as a lock removal tool and a tool to separate the knob from the shank. The rekey kit should contain the tools that you need to remove your lock, different sized pins and a chart showing the order of the pins. Once you've removed your old key, insert the new one. Then match the new colored pins to the color code of the lock.

Changing your locks is another way to increase your security. Rekeying is more affordable than replacing them, and you can use the key that you currently have for other locks. Besides, rekeying locks are easier to install, and you can use them in your new home without the hassle of buying new locks. You can also rekey your locks when you move into a new house or apartment.

There are several reasons to have your locks rekeyed, from moving into a new home to changing jobs, to rekeying locks. When changing locks, make sure to consult your home warranty company about rekeying. These services are often covered under your warranty and will not void your home insurance. When it comes to your safety, don't wait! A locksmith will rekey locks for you in no time at all!