How Late Can AAA Send Out a Locksmith?

how late can aaa send out a locksmith

What's the best way to get AAA to unlock your car? You have to be a member. And you must be present in order to use the service. When calling an AAA service person, you must tell him or her that you are the driver or passenger. The reason for this is that AAA will tie your membership to the car and not you. AAA will unlock any car and reimburse you up to 150 dollars for any locksmith services you require.

Home Lockout Service is only available to the primary residence on file

The AAA Home Lockout Service is an emergency locksmith service that covers up to $100 in locksmith costs. This service is only available for the primary residence on file and is not applicable to other locked areas, such as the car. The service also does not cover replacing locks. Charges over $100 are the member's responsibility. The service is only valid once per membership term. The cost of the service depends on the type of lock and the reason for the emergency.

It's only available to AAA Premier Members

The benefits of membership with AAA are many. These benefits include free roadside assistance, extended towing coverage up to 100 miles, free gas delivery, and additional lockout and extrication coverage. These benefits are especially valuable if you spend a lot of time on the road, and you'll appreciate having all of them at your fingertips. AAA Plus memberships also come with exclusive roadside assistance benefits, such as a free battery and passport photos for members, as well as 24-hour travel assistance, concierge services, and a host of other perks.

Membership costs are prorated until the next membership expiration date. Fees are paid in Club Bucks and available when permanent cards are mailed. Certain eligibility requirements may apply. AAA Premier membership rates and products can change frequently. Your membership rate may also change, as do the terms of the offer. Your membership includes a $2 subscription to Your AAA Club. An associate membership is available for anyone who lives in the same household as the primary member.

AAA memberships come with various benefits, including discounts on popular brands. Members can save money on things like prescriptions and concert tickets by using their AAA Member Rewards Visa. Additionally, they can save money on many other essential items. The benefits of AAA membership are not limited to travel, either. It also covers emergency medical expenses, and helps to save for retirement. So if you're planning on taking your family on vacation, sign up for membership today!