How Late Can AAA Send Out a Locksmith?

how late can aaa send out a locksmith

If you're wondering how late does AAA send out a locksmith, then you've come to the right place. AAA will send a locksmith to your location to unlock your car. To get this service, you must be a member. However, if you are a passenger and your friend's car has locked itself out, you can call AAA and they will come to your aid. They will reimburse you up to 150 dollars for the service.

While AAA is a great choice for locksmith services, it does not cover you for towing if you're without roadside assistance. You'll have to contact a locksmith and pay for the service out of pocket. If you don't have roadside assistance, you may want to consider buying a car insurance plan with the AAA. In addition to locksmith services, AAA roadside assistance can help you fix a flat tire and jump start your car. It costs $67 per year for coverage, so it's well worth considering.