How Locksmith Opens Locked Car Doors

how locksmith opens locked car

There are a variety of methods a person can use to open a locked car, from pliers to a coat hanger. If you do not have a locksmith on call, there are several things you can do to open a car door. The first method requires you to maneuver the loop over the lock. To use this technique, you should hold the ends of the string together and then pull up on it. This technique is also known as the "coat hanger trick."

Lishi tools

If you're locked out of your car and don't have any tools for unlocking your doors, Lishi tools are the perfect choice. The Lishi tools are designed to guide the pick to the correct pin positions inside the core. They'll even indicate when the pin is raised to the sheer-line. And because the tools are so easy to use, you can open a car door in seconds. Lishi tools have the advantage of saving you from spending a fortune on new locks.

The Original Lishi is the answer to BEST A keyways. It comes in six and seven-pin versions. This tool is much easier to use than brute-force methods, but it's still difficult to use. The Lishi is designed to be extremely accurate, so you can decipher the keyway's bitting with it. It also has an in-built tool for measuring the depth of the keyway. Its advanced technology has solutions for virtually any type of modern lock.

Coat hanger

Did you know that a metal coat hanger can open a locked car door? If you have a manual locking car door, you can use this method to open the door. This technique involves using a coat hanger with a bent hook. To unlock the door with the coat hanger, you must bend the hook part of the wire to a point where you can reach the lock post. Once you have found the post, you can insert the metal coat hanger into the gap. This method can take a few tries before you succeed, so don't be discouraged.

To use a coat hanger to open a locked car door, you first need to find the hook end. Depending on the style of lock on your car, you may have to bend the coat hanger to get the hook to the lock slider. To ensure that the hook doesn't damage the paint or weatherproofing, place a cloth around the blade. After you've successfully bent the coat hanger, you need to hammer it until the lock slides out.


Several methods of opening a locked car are popular. For example, some people use a screwdriver to wedge the car door open. However, wedging the door requires a great deal of care. The pressure applied to the lock mechanism can result in a broken door or the locking mechanism itself being bent. If you want to try this method yourself, make sure you carefully slide the screwdriver past the rubber seal and into the car.

If you're too embarrassed to use a screwdriver, another technique is to bend a plastic clothes hanger or long metal pole and use it to wedge the door. Then, use a screwdriver to open the door slightly. Once you've gotten the door open slightly, insert the screwdriver tip and push the unlock button. A metal object may damage the car. But it's worth a try!

Metal rod

If you have a stray wire hanger lying around the house, you can use it to pry a locked car door open. Simply bend the end into a hook and push it through the lock. Be careful not to scratch the paint and weatherstripping on the door and try to pry with it too hard, as you risk damaging the door. Also, bend the door frame and you may let in more road noise.

If your door lock is manual, you can use a straightened wire clothes hanger or a hammer to pry the lock open. The rod should be long enough to reach the lock button and thin enough to pass through the door frame. When it's done, you can remove the metal rod from the car. Make sure to gently tap the end of the rod to ensure it doesn't fall out. Once the door is unlocked, you can then remove the shim and start using the metal rod or hammer.