How Long Does It Take A Locksmith To Open A Car Door?

how long does it take a locksmith to open a car door

When you lock your keys in the car, you will want to find a locksmith in your area that specializes in unlocking vehicle doors. You may want to consider hiring a mobile locksmith who can come to your location and open your car door quickly. You can also contact a locksmith through the MCOT method, which is an affordable way to get a locksmith to open a locked door.

Cost of hiring a locksmith

A locksmith's services are usually more expensive when the job is completed outside of business hours. Depending on the situation, the cost can be anywhere from $15 to $20. You might even need to pay extra for an emergency service. However, some locksmiths do not charge extra for emergencies. When in a pinch, call a 24 hour emergency service. If you cannot make the appointment, 9-1-1 will unlock your car door free of charge.

Hiring a locksmith can be an expensive option, but rekeying your lock will be far less expensive. A new lock will cost about $75, so you'll want to consider this option if you're on a budget. Generally speaking, you'll need at least one key, which can cost anywhere from $5 to $20. If you're locked out of your car, you might as well spend that money on gas.

Tools used by a locksmith

Several tools are available to a locksmith that allow him to open a car door. He can use the J and L tools to reach down and open a car door. The J tool can be used to extract keys from the car, while the L tool is longer and is used to wedge the door open. Each tool has its own special uses, but they all do the same basic thing: unlock the car door.

The tools used by a locksmith to open a vehicle door include an automotive wedge, a hammer, and an air wedge. The automotive wedge is similar to the rubber door stop that most people have in their homes. You can make a wood wedge at home by sawing a piece of wood into a wedge shape, but a wooden wedge is more likely to scratch your car's paint. A locksmith will likely use an air wedge to avoid damaging the vehicle's paint.

Time taken by a locksmith to open a car door

A professional locksmith can open a car door in just five minutes, assuming he knows how to use the right tools to get into the vehicle. The first step is to separate the door from the frame. The wedges may be made of hard plastic, or they may be air bag wedges that inflate into a balloon. Air bag wedges pose the highest risk of damaging the door, as they can bend it and cause a whistling sound while driving.

Another factor that influences the time taken by a locksmith to open a vehicle's door is the type of lock. A basic euro cylinder will be easy for a locksmith to open. But high-security locks may require specialist tools. Also, if the lock is damaged, the locksmith may be unable to pick it. This can extend the time required to open the door. So, a reputable locksmith will attempt to open the door with minimum damage.

MCOT method

If you need to open a car door, you might have to use the MCOT method. This method involves grabbing the lock post with your other hand and swiveling your body. However, this method is not advisable for all cars. This method can damage your car's finish, the interior surface, and the weather seals around the windows. The MCOT method is a specialized method that requires a professional locksmith.

There are several tools that you can use to unlock a car door. You can buy a tool called a Slim Jim that goes between the glass and weather stripping. It also goes into the frame of the door and has a hook on the end. Once the hook grabs the mechanical linkage inside the door, you can open the door. However, you should be careful when using the MCOT method because you can end up in jail for it.

Using a screwdriver and metal rod method

When you cannot open a car door with a manual key, one of the simplest solutions is to use a coat hanger. You must move the hanger around the door until you are able to pull the key. But be careful, as using this method could damage the lock mechanism and cost you more money to repair. This method can also damage the interior and exterior of your car.

This method is not recommended for cars with vertical posts as they can be very dangerous. You should always have your identification in your pocket, just in case you have to contact the police. Another method that works in some cars is to use a long, thin metal rod. However, this method is tricky and can damage the lock post if done incorrectly. The method works for different car models, but it's a good alternative for older cars with vertical posts.