How Much Cost to Make Key Chip For My Mitsubishi Galant With a Locksmith

how much cost to make key chip for my mitsubishi glant with locksmith

A good way to find out how much it will cost to make key chip for my Mitsubishi Galant with a locksmith is to visit the website of a car dealership. This will provide you with the contact information of various Mitsubishi dealers in your area. You can also ask them for recommendations for a locksmith. Many locksmiths offer mobile service. Most of them will travel up to 30 miles from their storefront. You can use the map to locate a locksmith within your vicinity. However, keep in mind that the distance is only from the business location.

Transponder keys

Making a copy of your car's transponder key is relatively easy. The process isn't very complicated and typically takes around 40 minutes per key. In addition, you will need a vehicle with a compatible battery to program the new key. A locksmith will be able to make these keys and will be able to use the car's programming device to activate it.

If you are wondering how much it costs to make a transponder key for your Mitsubishi Glant, here's a quick guide:

Ignition cylinder repair

If you're in need of an ignition rekey, but don't want to risk a break-in, you can get a locksmith to do it for you. This service costs around $300, and the locksmith will use a chip made for your model of car to replace the old one. The locksmith will remove the old key and return it to you. This is an expensive process, but it may be the only option you have if your car's cylinders are damaged beyond repair.

It's possible to replace the lock cylinder yourself for around $238. This cost does not include taxes, and other related repairs. If your ignition lock cylinder needs to be replaced, the cost will vary. Depending on the model year and location, you'll have to consider whether you'll have to get repairs done as well. The ignition lock cylinder is part of the ignition switch, and slides into the key. Small actuators inside the lock cylinder allow the switch to turn.

Re-keying the ignition

The process of re-keying an ignition with a key chip involves replacing the lock cylinder and key with a chip that contains a specific key code. In some vehicles, re-keying the ignition with a chip can save you money and time. In most cases, the ignition lock cylinder is comprised of between two and eight wafers. To test the effectiveness of the process, insert a key into the ignition. Turn the key in a specific position, depending on the model of your car.

To replace a broken lock, remove the old lock by pulling out the solid outer ring. The center piece should pop out. If the key won't turn, try turning it slowly. Then, remove the cover plate and the small springs on the tumbler. Make sure the springs are in the right place, because they need to be replaced later. If the key is stuck in place, turn off the ignition and replace it with the new one.


The Mitsubishi Galant years 2000 and up come with electric keys and an immobiliser. If you lose or misplace your car's key, a locksmith can duplicate your key and program the immobiliser. If you have a non-transponder metal key, a locksmith can rekey your car for a cost. However, they will only do this if you have proof of ownership such as a registration or insurance card.

If you're not sure whether you can do this yourself, there are a few things you need. First, you need to have all of your functional keys. If you're using the wrong key, you'll be locked out until you make a key that works. This can be expensive. For example, you can't use a non-remote key if you don't want to do that. In these cases, you'll need a key with the same code as your transponder, which is usually a clone of a bladed key.

Replacement of the transponder chip

A locksmith can easily replace the transponder chip in your car by programming it for you. The transponder key is actually an ordinary key with a tiny chip inside the head. A locksmith can easily program a chip key for your car since they have access to the database of key fobs from Mitsubishi. Here's how it works:

To replace the transponder chip in your Mitsubishi Galant, you must have a key cut or fob with a code number specific to your car. If you don't have a key, you can either tow it to the dealership or get a locksmith to code the key for you. The dealership might not accept the aftermarket key and require proof of ownership such as the insurance card, title, or registration. However, you may be able to find a locksmith who will perform this task without having to bring your car to their shop.