How Much Does a Locksmith Charge to Enlarge a Lock?

how much does a locksmith charge to rekey locks

If you are considering a new home purchase or renting a property, you may be wondering: how much does a locksmith charge to enlarge a lock? Rekeying locks is typically cheaper than replacing the entire set, and it also prevents other people from using the old keys to gain access to the property. However, before you enlarge your lock's keypad, make sure to check with your landlord if it's possible. While the rekeying process is relatively simple, it's important to remember that rekeying locks is a great way to prevent the entry of former tenants or subcontractors. A good locksmith should be able to perform the job quickly, but the service itself will cost you anywhere from $40 to $100.

In some cases, rekeying locks is an easy DIY task, and you may even be able to handle it yourself. Some locks come with a DIY kit with the tools needed. However, this process is often time consuming, and can result in mistakes. Therefore, it's best to leave this work to a professional locksmith who has years of experience and is skilled in this field.

Another important consideration is the cost of installing deadbolts. Deadbolts are standard safety locks on most exterior house doors. Deadbolts can cost between $40 and $75 and include drilling holes for installation. Additionally, if you're changing a deadbolt, you'll need to pay a service fee of $20. Depending on the complexity of your new lock, you may end up spending more than that, and it can be a risk to your property.

In Arizona, the average cost of service calls ranges from $85 to $110, and the cost of rekeying one lock cylinder is $21 per cylinder. The cost of a rekeying service is lower than the national average, and you may even be able to save some money. Besides, Arizona locksmiths charge 5% less than their counterparts in other states.

Depending on the complexity of the locks you need to rekey, the cost of a house rekey will vary. Rekeying a house will generally run you $160 to $200, and this includes the service call and cost of the new keys. However, the cost of rekeying multiple locks will increase with each additional lock. For this reason, it's important to compare pricing before committing to any locksmith's services.

Once you've decided to hire a locksmith, it's important to get several estimates from different locksmiths in your area. The best way to compare prices is to call three locksmiths and compare them. You should never sign a blank invoice. If you're looking for an emergency locksmith, it's important to know what your problem is and to ask questions to make sure the service is high-quality. Also, check their credentials: Do they have their own insurance? Have they recently worked on a similar problem?

If you're worried about the cost of rekeying locks, know that the average locksmith charges around $156. The service includes replacing the pins and springs in your door locks. This will prevent you from using old keys, and can help keep unwanted guests out. Locksmiths typically charge a minimum of $40 to $100 for the service and $20 to $25 per lock cylinder. For more complex rekeying jobs, the price can go up to $156.