How Much Does a Locksmith Cost in the UK?

how much does a locksmith cost uk

If you are locked out of your home or car, you need to know how much a locksmith will charge to help you gain access. A locksmith's price will depend on the type of lock you have, and whether you need the lock replaced or just the existing one opened. The average cost to gain entry to a home is PS110. The cost is based on the average cost of opening a standard rim or mortice lock.

Changing a lock will cost about PS15 - PS60 depending on the lock type and British Standard. You'll also need to pay for the locksmith's time and waste removal. Using this table will help you determine the cost of a locksmith, which is crucial if you're trying to get a lock replaced. However, it's worth it for the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what you'll be paying.

Replacing locks is probably the most common locksmith job. A new homeowner might need a locksmith to upgrade their security measures, or perhaps their locks have worn down and need to be replaced. On average, changing a lock can cost between PS350 and PS400, and this figure includes both windows and external doors. Changing a lock in a home should be a relatively simple task, and most locksmiths charge around PS350 for this type of service.

The price of a locksmith will depend on where you live, and whether it's an emergency or regular job. Typically, a locksmith will charge by the hour. The more time it takes to solve your problem, the higher the price. London locksmiths will charge PS90 per hour, while locksmiths in Scotland may charge PS70 per hour. The cost will also depend on the day of the week and whether it's a proclaimed bank holiday.

The rate for emergency locksmith services is similar to standard rates, but it may be slightly higher. Emergency callouts can be expensive, and they can be needed at unsociable hours, like Christmas or New Year. Call-out fees for emergency locksmiths are normally around PS50, but this can rise to up to PS100 if they're called out at odd hours. Similarly, the price for a locksmith's call out may be higher if the job is difficult and takes longer than usual.

The cost of changing a lock is one of the most popular ways to increase security. However, the price of a locksmith can vary greatly, and you should carefully assess the cost before hiring a professional. There are a number of things you should consider before hiring a locksmith, including the type of lock you have, and the work involved. You'll need to consider the amount of work you need done and whether you need additional locks.