How Much to Have a Locksmith Re-Key a Deadbolt

how much to have a locksmith rekey a deadbolt

Are you wondering how much to have a locksmith re-key a deadbolt? If you're wondering whether you should do it yourself or call a locksmith, read this. This article outlines the cost and time to complete the process. We'll also discuss whether it's cheaper to do it yourself or call a locksmith. Hopefully, this article will help you decide.


A rekey involves replacing parts within a lock, such as pins. This process is usually less expensive than buying new hardware, but the amount you pay for a lock change will depend on several factors. For example, upscale homes might have special hardware that makes the process more complicated. Depending on the circumstances, this service can add up to hundreds of dollars. Whether you opt for this service or not is largely dependent on the type of lock you have.

Rekeying locks can be done on-site by locksmiths for as little as $10. However, if you want to have a different lock made, it will cost you significantly more. The average cost of a new lock is $450, and this price doesn't even include the trip fee. Also, if you'd like a new design, you'll need a locksmith to install it. And you'll want to have a new key for all the locks in your house.


If you need your locks rekeyed, you need to know how long it will take. If your lock is new, you can expect the rekeying process to take less time than it does for an older lock. The more complex locks, such as cylinders, may take longer. Ensure you know how many locks your home has before contacting a locksmith.

When changing locks, you might want to consider a rekeying service to avoid having to buy new ones. Changing locks is best if you are moving and want to avoid the expense of buying new ones. Usually, a home warranty will cover the costs of a rekey, so rekeying is a great choice. Besides, it's a quick process and a better option than changing the lock.

Changing door locks can be one of the most important home security measures. This service can help you prevent break-ins by making sure only family members can gain access to your home. If you are moving, the locksmith can rekey all the locks in your home and make sure everyone has a duplicate key. Then, you can get rid of the clutter on your keychains.

If you should do it yourself

Rekeying your deadbolt lock yourself can save you money compared to hiring a professional locksmith. Rekeying an entry lock or deadbolt can cost you about $50 to $190, but you can do it yourself for much less. If you haven't done this before, you can also watch a video online to learn how to do it.

You can find kits online or at Home Depot that allow you to rekey your deadbolt for $5 to $15. A locksmith will charge you about \$40-\$100 for this service, plus about \$5 to \$25 per cylinder. Rekeying a deadbolt yourself is also cheaper than replacing the door. You can also use an assortment of pins that you can buy at Home Depot to rekey your lock.

Rekeying a deadbolt is relatively simple, but it requires some tools. A set of rekey kits should contain different tools to remove and install the lock, along with the different sized pins you need. Remove the knob from the shank using a removal tool. Alternatively, you can use a tool to remove the back cap of the knob.

If you should call a locksmith

When it comes to replacing your locks, you have two main options. You can either change them completely, or you can rekey them to match your existing hardware. While you should consider changing your locks if you're moving or no longer live in the house, rekeying is much more affordable and will leave your existing lock in the same footprint. A rekeying service may be covered by your home warranty, so it's worth considering before you replace the locks.

The procedure for rekeying a deadbolt involves disassembling the lock. Pins have various heights and must match the new key's grooves. This process is recommended for homeowners who'd prefer to use a single key to open all locks in the home. It also reduces the clutter of your key ring, and saves you time looking for your key.