How Much to Have a Locksmith Reprogram Your Key to Honda Civic

how much to have a locksmith reprogram your key to Honda civic

Are you wondering how much it would cost to have a locksmith reprogram your key? If so, you're not alone. You might also be wondering how much it will cost to buy a blank key or replace your key fob. Here's what to expect from each of these scenarios. Hopefully this article has been helpful to you! Whether you need a new key fob, a blank key or a transponder key, you'll be able to find the exact cost to complete the job.

Cost of a blank key

The cost of a blank Honda Civic key to reprogram your car is relatively inexpensive, and it can cost as little as $40. You can also find a non-OEM key for the car for as little as $25. However, these have mixed reviews, and it's not known if the key actually has the required transponder chips or working buttons. A Honda dealership will charge as much as $250 for a key, and it will take around 10 to 15 minutes for them to reprogram your car's key fob.

The process for programming your car's key is fairly straightforward, but if you don't have a spare, it might cost as much as $100. Because the process is so easy, it's best to keep your spare close to the driver's seat. It's a good idea to save your duplicate key somewhere handy, but not in a visible place. You might end up losing it or breaking it when you're reprogramming it.

A key with a transponder chip is much more difficult to replicate than a standard metal one, so you may have to spend a little extra money. While a simple key can be copied and reprogrammed, a Honda key contains an embedded chip that communicates with the car's immobilizer and onboard computer. This makes it nearly impossible for someone to steal a car with a falsified key.

Cost of reprogramming a transponder key

Unless you have a copy of your car's manual, reprogramming a transponder-key Honda Civic is very expensive. You should expect to pay around $150-350. While you can save a few dollars by programming your own key, this may not be the best solution if you lose more keys or forget to program them. Instead, you may want to invest in a transponder-chip programmer that can program many keys for a lower price.

The cost of reprogramming a transponded key to Honda Civic varies depending on the type of keys you have. Typically, keys that work only with the locks will cost about $40 to $50. A key without a transponder chip will cost about $25. The keys that work in the ignition may not work properly or have a defective transponder chip.

Unlike reprogramming a car key in a dealer, programming a transponder-chip key to a Honda Civic is very easy to do at home. It only takes about 40 to 50 minutes and requires the owner to have the car's manual handy. If you are not comfortable programming your transponder key yourself, you can always take your vehicle to an AutoZone for programming.

Cost of replacing a key fob

There are several ways to save money when replacing a key fob for a Honda Civic. You can find the most affordable ones by reading the reviews of top companies. Then, choose one based on price and quality. In addition, it's best to write down your key code, as it will save you time and money when it comes time to replace it. Also, keep in mind that key fob batteries are not cheap. Usually, you can purchase a replacement key fob for about $90-$140.

If your car doesn't come with a key fob, you should consider getting one from a dealer or a reputable repair shop. A genuine Honda part will cost less than a cheaper aftermarket version. A key fob can have problems with your car's electronic system if you purchase a used one. You should also remember that aftermarket key fobs often require reprogramming, and this can cost more than the replacement cost of a new Honda key from the dealership.

The battery in a Honda key fob is usually a 3-volt flat-round battery. Your specific model may require a different battery type, so check your manual to make sure you are replacing the correct one. You can also try to replace the battery yourself, as many car owners choose to do it themselves. Although replacing the battery in a key fob is easy, some key fobs may require you to use flat-head screwdrivers or jewelers' screwdrivers.