How to Be a Locksmith With the AAA

how to be a locksmith with aaa

If you are a locksmith and you are wondering how to be affiliated with the AAA, this article will explain how you can benefit from this membership. AAA memberships come with various benefits, including a vehicle lockout service. When you call AAA for lockout services, you will be contacted by one of their service providers. They will send you the appropriate locksmith and will even reimburse you for your services. Become a member of the AAA today to start getting the benefits of this membership.

Getting assistance from a locksmith with a AAA membership

If you're an AAA member, getting assistance from a locksmith in an emergency is free of charge! You'll be able to use AAA's roadside assistance services when you're stuck in an unfamiliar place, and if you can't, they'll send a locksmith to your home for free. AAA members can also save on car insurance by switching to a cheaper policy, and on average, they save $887 per year.

The only way to get assistance from a locksmith through AAA is to have a membership. There are different types of memberships, including Classic, Plus, and Premier. Each tier comes with different benefits. Classic AAA members receive \$50 worth of reimbursement when they call a locksmith. Higher-tier AAA members receive up to $150 worth of locksmith assistance. You must complete the reimbursement form within 60 days of receiving service to get the reimbursement.

AAA offers three types of memberships, including a basic membership for $50. The basic membership covers 100 miles of towing four times a year, free fuel delivery, and $100 worth of locksmith reimbursement. The Premier membership costs $119 a year and includes a few more benefits. Members receive four free services calls per year and can request up to two locksmiths. However, there are some exceptions. If your car has been locked out and you're concerned about a cost, a Premier membership could be a good idea.

While the home lockout benefit of AAA does not extend to your home, it does cover emergency services relating to your primary residence. The Premier plan covers up to \$100 in free home lockout services every year, including key duplication, drilling, and lock changes. However, this service is only available to your primary residence and excludes outbuildings and detached garages. For the convenience of your members, AAA has partnered with general-purpose retailers who offer discounts to AAA members.

Taking advantage of towing benefits

As a locksmith, you may benefit from the towing benefits of AAA membership. In addition to locksmith benefits, AAA membership also provides roadside assistance, fuel delivery, battery jumpstart, and a membership discount across the nation. It is important to understand what your membership benefits entail. Plus members receive family coverage and roadside assistance, while Classic members receive only up to three miles of free towing. Members can also take advantage of the towing benefits of membership, including free fuel delivery, increased towing mileage, and a lower accidental travel coverage.

In an emergency, if you are locked out of your car, AAA will send a professional locksmith to your location. If your first attempt fails, the service provider will try to gain access to your vehicle, and if that fails, they will tow it to a safe location and reimburse you up to $50 for the labor and parts. The first attempt to open the door may be enough to trigger the emergency call.

AAA offers several plans for locksmiths. A Plus AAA Membership costs $91 per year and includes 100 miles of towing four times a year. It also provides free fuel delivery and a $100 locksmith reimbursement. The Premier AAA Membership plan costs $119 and includes 150 miles of towing once a year. If you're a locksmith, this may be worth $200 or more.

AAA Premier is the highest level of member benefits and includes a dedicated toll-free number. Premier also provides members with a 200-mile towing benefit per cardholder, if their vehicle is inoperable. A Premier Membership also includes coverage for one day of rental cars. When you're working on a new home or a business, it is important to stay a Premier Member of AAA.