How to Get a Door Open Without a Locksmith

how to get a door open without a locksmith

A common misconception is that you can't get a door open without a locksmith. That couldn't be further from the truth. There are several methods you can try without calling a locksmith, including the use of a screwdriver, a drill, and a slip knotted cord. Using one of these methods can often get your door open. And these methods are free!

Using a screwdriver

Using a screwdriver to get into a locked car is a great way to bypass a lock without calling a locksmith. Often, manual keys can't be opened without a screwdriver, so you'll need a piece of coat hanger to pry the lock open. You can even break the locking mechanism with a screwdriver if you try to open a door in this way.

When trying to unlock a door without a key, be sure to choose a small flathead screwdriver, which will fit into the door's handle better. If you don't have a flathead screwdriver, you may have trouble turning the knob, but a thin one will fit into the button lock's hold. Using a small screwdriver will also make it easier to fit the knob from the outside.

Using a cord with a slipknot

If you are locked out of your car but do not want to call a locksmith, you can open a door yourself by using a cord with a slipknot. This technique can be done from both inside and outside the vehicle. First, tie a cord around the doorknob. When the loop is tight, pull on the cord in the direction of the lock to remove the key. Alternatively, you can use a cord with a slipknot to unlock a door with a hammer.

After tying a slip knot, insert the second string into the first loop. Pull gently on the string to tighten it. After tightening the knot, slide the string over the corner of the lock. If the lock is horizontal, you should hold the other end of the string while trying to pull the cord through. Be careful as this method is not foolproof and may take several attempts.

Using a drill

A drill can be an effective way to unlock a door. It can open cylinder locks and lever locks by drilling through their pins. To drill through a lever lock, you must first remove the doorknob. Next, insert the screwdriver into the drilled hole. Once you are inside the door, you can turn the lever in the direction of the key. This will likely convince the lock to unlock.

The drill bit you use should be a quarter-inch or smaller. It should easily slide through the center of the lock's pins. Make sure that the drill bit is straight so that it can reach the pins without destroying them. Drilling a lock can be dangerous, however, so use extreme caution. You may end up damaging the lock beyond repair if you drill it the wrong way.

Using a spam key

Using a spam key to get you locked door open is a handy way to open a low-security door without a locksmith's help. This method is most useful if you have a bedroom door that has been locked with a privacy handle. You can also try a screwdriver if your lock has a privacy handle. Make sure to turn the handle as you push the screwdriver into the hole. You should not damage the key, so make sure to take care when bumping it.

You can also use a card or a screwdriver to push the bolt inside a locked door. You may also want to lean against the door for easier access. If you are not a big fan of locksmiths, another option is to use a privacy handle door. However, do not turn the lock to unlock the door! You may also want to call a locksmith if you don't have a spare key.