How to Program a BMW Key Locksmith

how to program bmw key locksmith

Are you wondering whether you can program a BMW key by yourself? If so, how much does it cost? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Read on to find out. In this article, we'll discuss the pros and cons of doing it yourself. Also, we'll talk about whether or not it's worth the effort. But first, let's go over how to program a key. Read on to discover the benefits of this simple process.

Can you program a bmw key yourself?

If you've never programmed a BMW key yourself, you can start by following these simple steps. You'll need the original key and the BMW key fob. Start by holding down the unlock button and pressing the lock button three times quickly. Then, turn the key to position one five times. Turn the key off and on again to complete the programming. You can then use your new key to unlock and start your BMW.

You can easily program a BMW key fob at home. It is important to have a working key so you can use the device. If you don't have a working key, you can take it to a Bimmer repair shop to get it programmed. After that, you're good to go. It's worth the time, since you'll have the key fob and working key ready to go.

Another great feature of the new BMW key fob is that it's connected to the car's software. It's possible to set driver profiles and save presets. You can even program it so your seats automatically slide into your desired position when you unlock your BMW. These are all great features, but there are several more you should be aware of. You can also learn how to program a BMW key yourself by reading the instruction booklet and following the steps carefully.

Is it worth it?

Unless you're in an emergency and don't have the money to hire a locksmith, it's probably not worth it to program a BMW key yourself. The key will likely cost upwards of $250, and you'll want to avoid this option if possible. Instead, look into a cheaper alternative on eBay or Craigslist. These services can often program a BMW key for you for less than half the cost.

To start the process of programming your BMW key, turn on your vehicle and place the working key into the ignition position. Then, hold the unlock button on the key fob while pressing the BMW logo three times. If all goes well, your doors should lock automatically. If you're having trouble programming your key, call a locksmith. But it's important to remember that there are many steps to this process and you should follow them precisely.

For example, an old car may have a simple cut metal key, while a newer one may have an embedded chip in the plastic key head, which communicates with a transponder in the instrument column. The locksmith will be able to program the key for you, so that it works correctly. In addition to a new key, you'll need to bring proof of ownership to the locksmith so that they can ensure that it is a real one.


If you've lost your BMW key, the cost of a new one will likely be around $300 to $100. In some cases, the dealership will even program the key for free. Programming a new BMW key can be an expensive procedure. Locksmiths cannot do this job because they don't carry the necessary equipment. Instead, they can only program a key fob for a limited number of vehicles. Programming a key for a BMW will also require transferring the car's mileage from the old key module to the new one.

The price of a new BMW key will depend on the type of key you have. If the key has a security chip, the cost of programming it will be much higher than programming a basic one. These keys contain a transponder chip, which sends a signal directly to the ignition to ensure that the key is compatible with the car. If the key and fob are not compatible, the car won't start, and the locksmith's labor will cost between $50 and $100.

For older models, BMW dealerships may not have the extra key fobs on hand. Instead, they must be ordered and delivered within ten days. During this time, the car won't run, and the immobilizer system will need to be reset. Because the locksmith will be programming the new key, the dealership will charge you a high hourly rate. However, if you don't have the funds for a new key, you can hire an automotive locksmith to program your key for you at a reasonable cost.