Replacing a Deadbolt After a Locksmith Visit

how to replace deadbolt after locksmith

If you're facing a lock issue, rekeying or replacing a deadbolt may be in your future. In this article, we will discuss the costs and recommended methods. After you've read this article, you should be able to make an informed decision on which method is best for your needs. This article will also include suggestions on how to perform the job yourself, whether it's best to call a locksmith or try it yourself.

Single-cylinder deadbolt

When you need to replace a deadbolt, you may be tempted to call a locksmith. However, that can be an unnecessary expense. If you've done the job before, you can save even more money by replacing it yourself. A simple screwdriver and some paper towels, air, and lubricant will do the job. But, if you're handy and don't mind getting dirty, you might want to replace it on your own.

Replacing a deadbolt may be a simple process, but it's important to hire a qualified locksmith. Improper installation can cause significant security concerns, including the lock not latching fully. If you're unsure about deadbolt installation, it's better to replace the entire lock than to fix individual parts. There are also programmable smart locks available that can provide temporary codes to visitors.

Rekeying or replacing

Whether you're trying to gain access to your home or just want to improve its security, you should consider rekeying or replacing the deadbolt on your door. Replacing a deadbolt is a relatively simple process that requires a locksmith to take apart the door and reassemble the lock. Rekeying your deadbolt will allow you to keep only one key, instead of several, and will reduce the clutter on your key ring.

Rekeying or replacing your deadbolt is a good idea when you have new employees, or if you change your staff. Older employees may still have copies of your keys, which means a former employee could use them to gain access to your business and steal goods, causing damage. Rekeying your deadbolt is an excellent way to prevent these issues from arising in the future. And if you don't want to risk causing any damage to your lock, a locksmith will re-key your locks for you.


The cost of replacing a deadbolt after a locksmith visit is usually between $40 and $75. Deadbolts are a standard safety lock on exterior house doors. There are three main types: mortise, lever, and cylindrical. Mortise deadbolts cost an additional $125 to $175. The locksmith must also drill the necessary holes in the door. Generally, a deadbolt installation costs about $50 to $75. In addition, if you're changing deadbolts yourself, you'll pay about $20 to $35 for the service.

Rekeying the lock can save you money. Changing the locks can be expensive, and a locksmith should be able to rekey them. Rekeying the lock can prevent previous tenants or subcontractors from entering the property. HomeAdvisor estimates that a locksmith can rekey a lock for $40 to $100, and a trip fee of around $50 to $100. For most lock repairs, the rekeying process is cheaper than replacing the lock.


A deadbolt is only one way to secure your door, so the recommendations for replacing it after a locksmith visit are crucial. You should first have the proper tools, including a measuring tape and a screwdriver with a flathead or Phillips head. If you have trouble determining which type of screwdriver you need, a 4-in-1 screwdriver can come in handy.

To replace a deadbolt, you can choose either a deadbolt purchased at Walmart or a professional locksmith. The cost of these products varies from $15 to $30, but they may be easier to install if you already own the tools. If you decide to call a locksmith, expect to pay anywhere from \$25 to \$145 per door. If you're replacing more than one door, you'll want to contact several locksmiths and get quotes for each.


Whether you're moving into a new house or you're dealing with a malfunctioning deadbolt, here's how to replace deadbolt yourself. The process begins by drilling pilot holes and mortising the perimeter around the existing deadbolt. Next, unscrew screws on the inside face of the lock. Unbolt the lock sections and remove the strike mechanism. Then, install the new deadbolt, securing it to the door's outer edge.

If your doorknob locks have spring-loaded latches, you'll need to wiggle the door with a credit card or spatula. If you can't do this, try opening the door with an old credit card. You may also need to drill a larger hole to accommodate the deadbolt. If the deadbolt still works, install the faceplate. Once installed, tighten the bolts in equal increments.