What Are Setup Keys For Locksmiths?

what are setup keys for locksmith

A master key system is a key made to operate a lock. It consists of a set of keys that match pins inside a cylinder. A master key has a third pin - a wafer - that matches the pins in the cylinder. This key is also called a master set. A master set contains three master keys. Master sets are used for rekeying locks.

Installation of a master key system

While this type of security system is less sophisticated than biometric identification systems, it does make locksmith services more convenient and reduce physical security costs. For example, if an institution needed to replace all three locks and deal out new keys every time an employee changed positions, they would only have to deal with one. However, with a master key system, all three locks will be changed at once, and the locksmith will only have to change one of them.

A master key system is compatible with a variety of locks, and a locksmith will typically recommend a basic pin tumbler lock for this type of system. A pin tumbler lock works by matching parts inside the lock to a set of keys. Once the matching parts are found, the appropriate key is used to open the door. Ideally, a locksmith will use two or three-digit master keys in their systems.

Duplicating a master key

Having a copy of a master key can save you from the inconvenience of being locked out. Duplicating a key can be done in two ways, either by making a copy from the original key or by purchasing a machine similar to those used by a locksmith. Both methods are fairly simple, but require you to have the original key in order to perform the duplicate. In either case, you should ask the locksmith how many copies you need and be prepared to pay a high fee.

The first step is to ask permission from the owner. Many locksmiths will refuse to duplicate a master key unless the owner has given it to them. In some cases, you can cover the "Do Not Duplicate" inscription with masking tape. Another option is to cover it with a key cover or masking tape. These two methods work very well and are legal. You should only be able to duplicate a master key if you have written permission from the owner.

Tools needed

One tool that will help a locksmith speed up his work is setup keys. These are pre-cut keys that are used in different types of locks, rather than having to be cut for each new job. According to Benjamin Franklin, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so setting up keys will save the locksmith time and effort. To help speed up the standard rekey job, locksmiths should have these tools on hand.

Another tool that a locksmith should have is a key blank cutter. This is a tool used to correct incorrectly picked locks. A locksmith should have several different sizes of lock picks. This tool is also known as a tension wrench. It will help prevent springs from pushing the pins back into the lock. In order to set up keys, a locksmith must know how to properly use lock picks.

Legality of rekeying a lock

Rekeying locks is an excellent way to increase the security of your home or apartment building. Before you move into your new home, rekey your locks so that only you have the keys. Additionally, rekeying locks is a smart idea for landlords or renters who have moved out. You never know who might have a duplicate key and it's always a good idea to rekey your locks if you suspect someone has stolen them.

Rekeying locks is an inexpensive alternative to replacing them. The process involves replacing the old lock parts with new ones that fit the new key. Rekeying is also a good option if you've lost your keys or found a key that doesn't work. It's important to remember that rekeying your locks will not make your existing locks unusable, so always keep this in mind when you decide to rekey your home or apartment.

Cost of rekeying a lock

Setting keys for a locksmith is an inexpensive and easy process, but the cost can quickly add up if you need to replace a lock. Rekeying locks is much less expensive than changing the entire lock system and only requires the locksmith to reposition the pins inside the lock. For a house or apartment, this process typically costs $75 to $140, with a trip charge of another $50 to $100.

A good rule of thumb is to call a 24-hour emergency locksmith service. This service may cost as little as \$20, but many locksmiths are only open during certain hours. If you are locked out of your car, calling a car helpline is a great option because it is cheaper than calling a locksmith. Remember that a locksmith who offers roadside assistance will charge a higher rate for the time it takes to reach your location.