What Kind of Key Would a Locksmith Give Me For a Replacement Key and ECU?

what kind of key would a locksmith give me for a replacement key and ecu flash on 2000 lexus es300

The first thing you should ask yourself when you need a replacement car key is what kind of key you need. If you have an older car, you probably need a transponder key with an electronic chip. You must have the original key before you can program the new one. You can take the original key and program it yourself, or hire a locksmith. You will likely save money and time.

You can usually save some money on the cost of a locksmith's service by doing the work yourself. Most autokeys places do similar work for much less than a locksmith can. You can also go to an old Jamaican guy in your neighborhood for tuppence tuppence-ha'penny, a partially retired guy who cuts keys from the lock alone. You may also try the locksmith on West Hill, where it splits.

The locksmith must have a good original for you to be able to program the new key. If you have lost the original, a locksmith can make you a duplicate key based on the code on it. If you have a non-working key, you may need to have the key programmed using a specialist tool. Some auto locksmiths can program non-working keys, so be sure to take it to your local locksmith and ask about it.

If you need a replacement transponder key, you can do so at a dealership or through a locksmith. Dealerships charge up to 300% more than a locksmith can cut and program a replacement transponder key. While it's possible to get a new transponder key for a lot less than a dealership, it's not a cheap solution. Locksmiths are experienced in copying and programming transponder keys and can complete the job much faster and cheaper than dealerships.