When the Locksmith Arrives One Man Must Go

when the locksmith arrives one man must go

When the locksmith arrives, you're stuck with two options: wait in the lobby or common area while he works, or call a friend or family member for company. While you wait, try to pass the time by chatting, playing cards, or doing something productive. Regardless, you shouldn't be upset with your lockout situation. When you're locked out, the last thing you want is to have to wait in a waiting room for an hour or more.

George's reaction to a broken lock

When the locksmith arrives, George is already up and about. He's answered three calls about locked car doors in a row. He knows that rush hour, cold weather, and no coffee make it tough to get any work done. But the young man who works with him, Devon, is bright and nimble. He started as an apprentice, but was recently put on full-time work. The young man isn't ready to give up his business just yet.

George arrives at the apartment building around 1:30PM. He quickly meets the landlord, then heads back to the van to fix the broken lock. The tenant had a broken lock, but claimed to have used the wrong key. "I was in a rush," the tenant said. George checks the driver's license and locks the door twice. Devon then turns his attention to his inventory. After a few minutes, the lock is fixed.

Devon's reaction to a broken lock

Devon is making a brown bag sandwich and fixing the broken lock on his apartment, but he's too slow to grab his keys, which are hanging on the hook by the door. George takes the keys and Devon's jacket, glancing at Devon with a wink. Devon turns and heads back to the inventory. He looks up at the clock to check on the apartment's inventory.

Devon's reaction to a keyless entry system

When you're searching for the best security solutions, you've probably heard of keyless entry systems. But what exactly are they, and how do they work? Fortunately, there are some benefits to these systems. First, they can significantly cut down on the number of stolen keys. Secondly, they help keep your home secure against burglary. And, of course, they can be incredibly convenient. Considering how much time we spend getting to work and to the car, keyless entry systems are a great investment.

George's final call of the day

When George's van pulls up at an apartment complex, the man in the building is pacing outside with his hands clasped together to keep warm. He has no idea that he's locked himself out of the apartment, and the tenant insists that he used the wrong key. George checks the man's driver's license, and discovers that the door has locked twice already. He can't figure out how to get into the apartment without the keys, but he's glad he's there to help.

When the locksmith arrives, George is in the middle of answering three calls in a row about locked car doors. He knows the hard days ahead: rush hour, cold weather, no coffee. And when the locksmith arrives, he sees another guy driving around. It's Devon, a bright young guy who was an apprentice at the same place as George but who has since been put on full-time work. The locksmith doesn't want to close up shop just yet, and he calls the man on the street to thank him for his time.