Where to Hide the House Key Outside and Communicate Its Location to a Locksmith

locksmith where to hide house key outside

The best place to hide the house key outside is near the front door. You can also put it in a hanging pot. Make sure the soil is completely covered so that the key cannot be seen when watering the plant or when the rain falls. Another place to hide the house key outside is in the backyard or back yard. These areas are less likely to be searched by trespassers than the front yard. Choose a special pot if you really want to hide the key from prying eyes.

If you’re afraid of losing your key, a secure place to stash it is a raised porch or deck. These areas are out of the way and inconspicuous. If you want to communicate your key’s location to a locksmith, consider leaving it with a trusted neighbor. But be sure to check it for identification information to avoid leaving it with someone you don’t know. For extra protection, you can also hide the key inside the power meter box.

Some people place their spare keys in the rain gutter. However, the rain gutters offer little protection and the key may get swept away. Besides, a dedicated thief is likely to pick through an outdoor plant pot to steal the key. Porch lights are another good idea for hiding the house key outside. They provide plenty of nooks and crannies, and they’re close to the front door.

If you live in an apartment, you may not have much choice in hiding the key. In addition, if your landlord is strict about allowing minor changes to the structure of the home, you may be limited in the places you can hide your key. You may also want to hide the key under your car’s mat. Although these are not the best places to hide a house key, they may be the only option for those who live in an apartment.

Another great option is a DIY lock cover up. To create a homemade cover, you can use an empty container, flip it upside down and glue an object onto the bottom. Once this is secure, you can place it in the dirt, or even bury it in a small hole. Another way to hide a house key is to give a spare to a trusted neighbor. It may be an aunt, uncle, or friend, but it doesn’t need to be a stranger.

One of the safest places to hide your spare house key outside is in the back yard. You can hide your spare in the back yard if you have a second key that gives you access to the back of the property. Besides keeping it safe, this way, your house key will be out of sight from the street. However, if you’re not using the spare key, you should change its location frequently.